Other maths and science shows

Are We Made Of Maths?

What, actually, is maths? Does it exist independent of human minds? Is it invented, or discovered? Was there such a thing as "maths" in the age of the dinosaurs? Dr Lewney introduces the maths of guitars, telecoms, ocean waves and life itself, using all kinds of strange animations in order to "imagineer" the amazing concepts one might meet after A levels.

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be


Why aren't astrologers rich? The science, or pseudoscience, of foretelling the future has itself changed dramatically over the centuries, and modern Quantum Physics and Chaos Theory now tell us that very basic systems cannot be predicted, even in principle. Dr Mark Lewney presents a history of The Future beginning with the Music of the Spheres, exploring fundamental unpredictability and looking ahead to how science and technology will change in the coming decades.

The Science of the Bible

What is Creationism, and what is Evolution? Are they mutually exclusive with each other, or with Christianity for that matter? Mark explains why mainstream science tells us that the Earth is billions of years old, not thousands, and that if species were created, then such creation must have been continuous throughout that time, and must still be going on right now.

(Mark is happy to present this as a solo lecture, or as a prelude to taking the "evolutionist" position in a debate or Q&A session. )

Science Knight

Travel back in time on a hilarious medieval adventure to the origin of the words ‘science’ and ‘engineering’. FameLab winner Dr Mark Lewney dons full plate armour to tell a Knight’s Tale of ingenious inventions, peculiar practises, and beliefs so bizarre it’s no wonder they called them the High Middle Ages.

Can Science Explain Music?

Physicists study vibrations and the physical mechanisms of making music, and neuroscientists visualise our brain activity when listening to it. But is music ever going to be something that can be understood or explained using science? Arguing “yes” is physicist and musician Mark Lewney against an emphatic “no” from neuroscientist, doctor, and philosopher Raymond Tallis. (This event depends on Raymond being available for a debate format, but I can present it as a lecture also.)


How To Argue With Climate Skeptics

harry-callahanMark plays Devil's Advocate in order to debunk some of the arguments which Anthropogenic Climate Change Deniers use to dupe the media, and use a model cow's rear and Mr Clint Eastwood to show that changing the composition of the atmosphere is like playing with a firearm whose chambers aren't all empty.